Enzyme Cleaning

Enzymes are nature’s own housekeepers, found in living organisms; a complex protein molecule present in every living cell. They serve as catalysts, bringing about chemical changes (organic or inorganic) and yet in themselves remain completely unaffected. Working at extremely high speeds, only a very small amount of enzyme can create a very big reaction.

Matter must eventually decompose into its simplest form. With the aid of enzymes, decomposing may be accelerated, converting soil matter to carbon dioxide and water which then evaporates. Enzymes only deal with dead organic and hydrocarbon waste and will not compromise any living matter, presenting us with the power to truly clean up behind us in a safe and most environmentally manner.

Enzyme technology

Microbial enzyme technology may be traced back to as early as 1896. However, recognition of enzymes being used as industrial catalysts came with the development and cultivation of penicillin after WWII.

cleaning products

Enzymes are very specific in nature. They will react only to what they are supposed to.

Different enzymes will digest different foods (soil matter) and therefore may be selected in the development of cleaning products with specific purpose in mind.

Though once perceived as fragile and limited by environment, today, enzymes present as robust catalysts. They may last long in low water environments and remain effective in a vast range of temperatures.

Benefits of Enzymes over traditional Chemicals

Unlike traditional chemical cleaning, which lends itself to adverse allergic reactions attributed to contaminants and chemical by-products, enzymes present favourably to the user and do not present risk of corrosion to the surfaces being cleaned. Whilst breaking down the soiling, enzymes may also rid odour problems, converting smelling sulphides into odourless and water soluble sulphates.

That’s Awesome

That’s Awesome Pty Ltd has utilised the powerful combination of selective enzyme technology to produce a full range of products to satisfy your wide range of cleaning requirements. No more need to rely of caustic acids or strong alkalis. When you ‘clean up’ with That’s Awesome you won’t only be satisfied with a job well done, but may gain peace of mind in choosing a method that takes care of you and others and our home here on planet Earth!


Carpet Cleaning, A Real Challenge to Personal and Family Health

It has been observed in different scientific and medical researches that carpet cleaning involves various health risks. Various biological pollutants like mould, bacteria find their ideal home in the carpet at your home incurring different health conditions. Asthma, allergies and other chronic diseases are thought to be result of those biological contaminants lying silently in the texture of your carpet at home.

This is why safe and naturally conscious carpet cleaning deserves attention to the home owners. Nowadays, the market is plugged with a multitude of cleaning products and machines for carpet with a few numbers who are really concerned of health risks.carpet cleaning products It is very important to find a product which can wipe out the tiny particles of dirt from the fibre of carpet so efficiently that even a person of weak immune system feels healthy after cleaning.

In the context of home carpet cleaning, the products from That’s Awesome are very suggestive as they are made of natural enzymes and substances which can dissolve grimes and dust instantly and clean away without leaving any dirty residue. These organic cleaning products are powerful and fast drying leaving carpet for use immediately.

Besides That’s Awesome has superior quality cleaning machines for carpet care. Worthy of mention is Sebo Felix Vacuum which protects family’s health and hygiene with its S-Class Filtration technology, a really advanced filtration system to admire. Finally, it is you who will choose the most suitable cleaning products for your home carpet considering your family health and environment as well.

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Safe and Effective Method for Removing Mould

What is mould?

Mould is a mass of microscopic organisms which digest organic and inorganic matter. There are approximately 100,000 species of mould. Mould spores travel through the air and settle in damp areas and begin to breed. (They can even attach to our skin). They release enzymes into their environment as they feed off organic and inorganic matter. Once they bloom, that all familiar mouldy odour is produced. Mould varieties are many and display in different colours and texture.

They are difficult to distinguish but some varieties are poisonous and may present a health risk as we breathe in the spores through the air. Black Mould is one such variety. In the natural environment mould serves well aiding the decomposition of matter. However, if mould is left to breed in our indoor environments, we may suffer ill health as a consequence from repetitive exposure in our homes and work places.

That’s Awesome Tile &ctile and grout cleaner kit Grout enzyme cleaner is a safe and effective method for removing mould as it breaks down the mouldy biomass (waste from living or recent living organisms) before the need for scrubbing. With the designed combination of enzymes, the cleaner gets to work without presenting any risk to the user or the surface being cleaned. Enzymes penetrate more effectively than bleach to remove mould and odour. Enzyme cleaners have proven to be the safest way to clean over the past 50 or so years. That’s Awesome Tile and Grout cleaner deodorises and removes mould without any added fragrances or perfumes to disguise.

Grout lines

Because grout is porous, mould can penetrate and grow into it. Chloride bleach and acid based cleaners can promote mould growth by further deteriorating the grout. These cleaners contribute to discolouring grout and compromising the surface condition of tiles and polished stone. The whitening properties of these cleaners disguise the presence of mould without killing it off and so the cycle of mould returning continues.

The enzymes in That’s Awesome Tile and Grout cleaner penetrate the grout. With continued use, the enzymes that digest mould, build up a resistance to the regrowth of mould and assist in slowing down the cycle of mould reappearing.

That’s Awesome Pty Ltd offers an alternative to harmful chemical choices, with our full range of NON TOXIC and ENVIRONMENTAL cleaning solutions.

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