Safe and Effective Method for Removing Mould

What is mould?

Mould is a mass of microscopic organisms which digest organic and inorganic matter. There are approximately 100,000 species of mould. Mould spores travel through the air and settle in damp areas and begin to breed. (They can even attach to our skin). They release enzymes into their environment as they feed off organic and inorganic matter. Once they bloom, that all familiar mouldy odour is produced. Mould varieties are many and display in different colours and texture.

They are difficult to distinguish but some varieties are poisonous and may present a health risk as we breathe in the spores through the air. Black Mould is one such variety. In the natural environment mould serves well aiding the decomposition of matter. However, if mould is left to breed in our indoor environments, we may suffer ill health as a consequence from repetitive exposure in our homes and work places.

That’s Awesome Tile &ctile and grout cleaner kit Grout enzyme cleaner is a safe and effective method for removing mould as it breaks down the mouldy biomass (waste from living or recent living organisms) before the need for scrubbing. With the designed combination of enzymes, the cleaner gets to work without presenting any risk to the user or the surface being cleaned. Enzymes penetrate more effectively than bleach to remove mould and odour. Enzyme cleaners have proven to be the safest way to clean over the past 50 or so years. That’s Awesome Tile and Grout cleaner deodorises and removes mould without any added fragrances or perfumes to disguise.

Grout lines

Because grout is porous, mould can penetrate and grow into it. Chloride bleach and acid based cleaners can promote mould growth by further deteriorating the grout. These cleaners contribute to discolouring grout and compromising the surface condition of tiles and polished stone. The whitening properties of these cleaners disguise the presence of mould without killing it off and so the cycle of mould returning continues.

The enzymes in That’s Awesome Tile and Grout cleaner penetrate the grout. With continued use, the enzymes that digest mould, build up a resistance to the regrowth of mould and assist in slowing down the cycle of mould reappearing.

That’s Awesome Pty Ltd offers an alternative to harmful chemical choices, with our full range of NON TOXIC and ENVIRONMENTAL cleaning solutions.

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